Thank you for the opportunity to serve you these past two years in City Hall!  During that time, I have listened to the residents of Waxahachie, fought for lower taxes, and published a weekly online newsletter -

Also, during my first year in office, I earned the designation of Certified Municipal Official or CMO, from the Texas Municipal League.  In order to receive this award, I was required to have 72 hours of Continuing Education Units with 2 hours of open government training.  This knowledge has enabled me to better serve the citizens of Waxahachie.

I have also made myself available to residents by utilizing various social media platforms and having my contact information available.  It has been so rewarding to hear from residents and be able to respond to them and help them with their issues.

Why Melissa for City Council?

  • Melissa is a real person and not a politician.  She has a strong moral, ethical and honest core.
  • She has nothing to gain by taking office.  She simply wants to serve the people.
  • She always works to increase transparency.
  • Melissa wants to bring everyone together instead of perpetuating the increasing rift between the two groups in our town consisting of those "in the know" and everyone else.
  • She wants to lower the debt of the City of Waxahachie and cut wasteful spending wherever possible.
  • Her goal is to lower property taxes in Waxahachie without decreasing services.
  • She supports ordinances that protect the rights of homeowners.
  • Her goal is to live-stream all public meetings and briefings conducted in City Hall so that citizens will know the process and reason behind decisions made by Council.
  • Melissa helps residents who are interested, get involved in the community.
  • She wants all agenda packets posted online so citizens can have easy access to this public information. *As of 2/13/18, the City began putting some of the agenda packets online for the first time in the city's history that she is aware of.  This was a huge movement forward in transparency for Waxahachie!

How can I help?

There are many ways to be involved!  If you would like to make a donation to support my campaign, please click the PayPal button to the right or the support button at the bottom of the page.  If you would like to volunteer to blockwalk, host events, have a sign in your yard or help in any other way, please let us know through email, calling or text.

Thank you very much!  With your continued support, the great people of Waxahachie will keep a voice in City Hall!

Your Friendly Councilmember,

Melissa Olson
817-507-5162 (text)

Melissa's Musings -

View the weekly virtual newsletter in which Melissa highlights key points in upcoming city meetings.